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2006 Southeast Asian haze

The 2006 Southeast Asian haze event was caused by continued uncontrolled burning from slash and burn cultivation in Indonesia, and affected several countries in the Southeast Asian region and beyond, such as Malaysia, Singapore, southern Thailand, and as far as Saipan the effects of the haze may have spread to South Korea. Local sources of pollution partly contributed to the increased .

Haze video game

Haze is a firstperson shooter video game developed by Free Radical Design and published by Ubisoft for the PlayStation 3. It was released worldwide in May 2008. Releases for Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows were cancelled.. The game takes place in a dystopian future, where the Mantel Corporation rule the world with a drug called NovaKetoThyrazine also called Nectar, a nutritional . Gameplay Plot DevelopmentTheatrical smoke and fog

Theatrical smoke and fog, also known as special effect smoke, fog or haze, is a category of atmospheric effects used in the entertainment industry.The use of fogs can be found throughout motion picture and television productions, live theatre, concerts, at nightclubs and raves, amusement and theme parks and even in video arcades and similar venues.


Talk:Hazing Jump to navigation . rather odd to include this as part of the definition when the article quotes someone talking about states with no antihazing lawsstates of the United variety, too, though the practice is not unique to North America. Charles P. Mirv 29 June 2005 07:30 UTC I agree with this change if the article is going to say something is a felony offense it .

Smoke screen

A smoke screen is smoke released to mask the movement or location of military units such as infantry, tanks, aircraft or ships.. Smoke screens are commonly deployed either by a canister such as a grenade or generated by a vehicle such as a tank or a warship .. Whereas smoke screens were originally used to hide movement from enemies line of sight, modern technology means that they are now .

Lolita 1962 film

Lolita is a 1962 comedydrama film directed by Stanley Kubrick, based on the 1955 novel of the same title by Vladimir Nabokov, who also wrote the screenplay.It follows a middleaged literature lecturer who becomes sexually obsessed with a young adolescent girl. The film stars James Mason as Humbert Humbert, Sue Lyon as Dolores Haze Lolita , and Shelley Winters as Charlotte Haze, with Peter .

Ship camouflage

Ship camouflage is a form of military deception in which a ship is painted in one or more colors in order to obscure or confuse an enemys visual observation. Several types of marine camouflage have been used or prototyped: blending or crypsis, in which a paint scheme attempts to hide a ship from view deception, in which a ship is made to look smaller or, as with the Qships, to mimic .

Toxic smog in Mongolias capital worsens amid harsh winter .

Power plant chimneys stand behind a coal burning neighbourhood covered in a thick haze on the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia January 19, 2017. . face mask and holds a banner during an anti .

Talk:Pollutant Standards Index

Should the haze situation in Singapore be included This is an article about the PSI, not about the haze situation. Should things such as the availability of masks or the stopwork order be included in the article Also, the Singapore part of the article changes abruptly from the general PSI usage to the 2013 haze situation specifically. This does not seem like it belongs here, and should be .

World War II ship camouflage measures of the United States .

Haze Gray 5H overall, with horizontal surfaces Deck Blue. This was the least used solid color measure during . Replacing allover Haze Gray Measure 13, Light Gray Measure 23 was in effect a return to Measure 3 for use by antisubmarine vessels in the tropics or subtropics, and ships operating in northern latitudes. Replaced by Measure 33. USS Concord wearing Measure 23 Tropic Green system .

Air pollution in Delhi

The air quality in Delhi, the capital territory of India, according to a WHO survey of 1,650 world cities, is the worst of any major city in the world. It also affects the districts around Delhi Air pollution in India is estimated to kill about 2 million people every year it is the fifth largest killer in India. India has the worlds highest death rate from chronic respiratory diseases and .


Turbidity is the cloudiness or haziness of a fluid caused by large numbers of individual particles that are generally invisible to the naked eye, similar to smoke in air. The measurement of turbidity is a key test of water quality. Fluids can contain suspended solid matter consisting of particles of many different sizes. While some suspended material will be large enough and heavy enough to .

Another Nice Mess

The film was produced by Tom Smothers and Jonathan Haze. The film had a budget of between 250,000 and 1,000,000. Reception. The film made 30,000 at the box office and was subsequently buried by Smothers for 40 years who said It was a terrible film, coproducer Haze said Another Nice Mess was a mess. See also


Hazing , initiation ceremonies British English , bastardisation Australian English , ragging , or deposition, refers to the practice of rituals, challenges, and other activities involving harassment, abuse or humiliation used as a way of initiating a person into a group including a new fraternity, sorority, team, or club.. Hazing is seen in many different types of social groups .

Air pollution in Delhi

The air quality in Delhi, the capital territory of India, according to a WHO survey of 1600 world cities, is the worst of any major city in the world. Air pollution in India is estimated to kill about 1.5 million people every year it is the fifth largest killer in India. India has the worlds highest death rate from chronic respiratory diseases and asthma, according to the WHO.

Chinas capital issues first ever red alert on air .

BEIJING Reuters Chinas capital on Monday issued its first ever red alert for pollution, as the city government warned that Beijing would be shrouded in heavy smog from Tuesday until Thursday.


Turbidity or haze is also applied to transparent solids such as glass or plastic. In plastic production, haze is defined as the percentage of light that is deflected more than 2.5 from the incoming light direction. 3 Standards and test methods. 3.1 Drinking water standards. 3.2 Ambient water standards. 3.3 Analytical methods. 7 External links.

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